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Consumers are demanding greater security and safety measures to ensure their online experience. They are right; in fact, it appears that massive incidents and huge security breaches are becoming more every day in our modern world. This is why it’s vital to ensure that your company is taking security on the internet seriously so that you can prove to your clients and your visitors the confidence they have in your company to protect their privacy. One of the most effective methods to accomplish this is to get a “secure sockets layer” also known as SSL certificate, for your site. Today, browsers such as Google Chrome even alert visitors to your website if the site isn’t secured. If you try to fill out an application form or other type of personal information to the website it may display an alert that reads “This website may not be safe, are you sure you’re willing to fill out this form?” or similar messaging. These kinds of alerts are not good for businesses because they tend to turn people away from your website because they don’t want to compromise their privacy. According to Hub Spot that up to 90% of visitors won’t continue to browse when a website isn’t secured. That’s why you should seriously consider buying the SSL certificate from Digital Marketing Agency in Phoenix!


What exactly is SSL?


As per SSL.com, “SSL is the most common security method for establishing an encrypted connection between an internet server and a browser. This link makes sure that all data exchanged between the browser and the server remains confidential.” What is this exactly?


In essence, if you input your data into an unsecure form on a site, your information can be intercepted by hackers. Basic information such as your complete identity and your email, too much more detailed information like the details of an account can be read by hackers when they are submitted to a site that is not secured.


But, if you go to the secure site (one that is secured with SSL) the browser will create a secure binding link between your browser, and doesn’t allow anyone else than you and the website that you share your data with to access or view the information.


Why do you need to get SSL for your site?


We’ve previously discussed the advantages of protecting your website However; here are a few of the most important points in order:


Protect data. This is by far the most obvious benefit. It is guaranteed that any information entering your site will be secure and safe. This guarantees that sensitive data like passwords, IDs credit card numbers and so on are all secured and converted into an unreadable format. This creates trust among clients and users of your website.


Provide authentication. SSL certificates are a way of making sure that your customers are the person they claim to be. The user must verify their identity to stay safe from fraud and phishing attacks.


Better for SEO. Google’s algorithm prefers sites that are safe and secure so sites with SSL certificate are likely to be ranked higher in search pages.


If you take online payments it is essential that you meet the PCI/DSS requirements and your website should have to be Payment Card Industry (PCI) certified. There are 12 standards set by the PCI and possessing the SSL certificate is among them.


Increases trust among customers. Your visitors need to be assured that their personal information will be safe. If they feel they’re in danger it is unlikely that you will earn their trust, much less their business.


How can I obtain an SSL certificate?


There are various types of SSL certificates, and therefore you should determine which one you require. For instance, if you host content on several domains or subdomains, you might require various SSL certificates. But an ordinary SSL certificate is sufficient for the majority of websites. If you’re a company with a business which handles a large amount of sensitive information (such as insurance or finance) it is recommended to speak with I.T…


Simple SSL certificates are available for free However, custom SSL certificates could cost as much as hundreds of dollar per month. Let’s Encrypt provides free SSL certificates, however, the technical setup can be more complicated when you choose this option. There are other reliable sites to purchase SSL certificates at:

  1. com
  2. Name cheap
  3. The SSL Store
  4. GoDaddy
  5. GlobalSign
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